John’s Testimony


According to my dad, my mom had a reoccurring dream for weeks involving the call Love had on my life while I was a very young boy.

Essentially, the dreams entailed me starting to speak the Word of God in the 1980’s.

My mom was a Christian at the time but my dad was a Muslim. However, during the time God was giving my mom these dreams, my dad was wondering if this could come true in the future.

I was not aware of these dreams until after I made a compassionate commitment to Love in 1984. I will disclose more of this information shortly but I believe it is important to share some strategic events that took place prior to my encounter with my very Best Friend.

One key event would soon shape my family and I in a way that would change all of us exponentially.

While I was 6, my younger sister and I were kidnapped and taken to a foreign country. For the next 15 months, I was abused, attacked and humiliated more times than I can possibly remember. Prior to my sister and I being kidnapped and thrown to the wind, I had been a trusting and outgoing child.

I have chosen to forgive all of the people involved during those tumultuous times which has yielded a wonderful freedom.

After about a year of tremendous trials and tribulations, I questioned God’s hand in all of this. Due to a lack of guidance at about the age of 7, I offered my life to Satan. What took place over the next 14 years was a time of despondency, withdrawal and a reckless lifestyle until that miraculous day when I was 21. This is when the hand of Love descended from above and wrapped His everlasting arms around me in a very beautiful way.

The enemy knew at a young age that our Father had called me to share His heart with others and thus he set out to destroy me. He almost succeeded but I am so thankful to Jesus for not giving up on me.

In 1985, Love placed upon my heart the thought of writing my dad a letter and to share about my glorious relationship with Him. In all honesty, I questioned the Holy Spirit as my dad was a Muslim at the time. However, I wanted to be obedient to Love so I began to write and share the beautiful revelations I had been receiving about spiritual intimacy with the Creator of all that is good. My dad listened and soon opened up his heart to Jesus as he also became a Christian. This opened up wonderful opportunities for me to share Jesus with some of my dad’s Muslim friends. People asked Love into their hearts and miraculous healings also took place.

On one particular day in 1991, what I was about to witness has changed my family and I in a way that is beyond human description.

As I was driving by my sister’s place, I noticed an ambulance close to her residence. I then proceeded to walk towards the ambulance to find out the details when my grandfather opened one of the doors and descended along with my mom as there was a black body bag contained within. My grandfather told me she was gone and I knew at that moment my sister’s life was cut short on this earth as she was only 26.

Some of the details surrounding her death involved domestic violence.

The most beautiful occasion that took place between my sister and I prior to her leaving this earth was the day I saw her open up her heart to Jesus. I have such a powerful peace that she is in heaven with Love.

My sister, Rana also gave birth to her only child on October 17th, 1984. She decided to give her son up for adoption as she believed that this would be in the baby’s best interest.

I had the wonderful privilege of dedicating this gift to our Father just before his adoption.

Shaun was raised by two loving parents, Bob and Janie, who provided us with detailed yearly updates & photos until he turned 18. At this point, I decided to write to the adoption agency to see if Shaun would be interested in meeting with me. Shaun and his parents were open to this idea. This provided Shaun and I with the opportunity to speak for the first time in 2002. We then met shortly after Shaun turned 19.

We also had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Turkey in August, 2005 where he met my dad (his grandfather) for the first time. I vividly remember discussing with Shaun that none of us knows how long we will be walking on this earth. Little did I know approximately 2 years and 7 months later that this would come to pass as Shaun was killed on Palm Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at the young age of 23.

I have an assurance from our Father of love that Shaun is with him in the heavens above.

I also have made the consecrated & conscientious choice to faithfully forgive those involved in this tragic event.

Even though Love did not cause this event to take place, I truly do believe Jesus will turn this around for His glory.

This life is so short when viewed through the eyes of eternity. Would you like to fulfill your destiny? Then please come to Love with humility. This is the best day to commit your ways to Light’s cascading rays.

I have shared His heart with many people over the years and have seen several others come into His light. Plus, I have witnessed many special miracles.

On separate occasions, the Holy Spirit flew in to save two young men before death had the chance to clutch these individual’s spirits. Our Father opened up a wonderful door for me to share with one man who was involved in the occult. He was not interested in religion but was open to the idea of a personal relationship with Jesus. Shortly after he gave his life to Love, he was involved in a devastating car accident and ascended to the arms of our Father. At about the same time, Jesus presented me with another opportunity as the Holy Spirit moved in a glorious way to share His heart of love and compassion with conviction. Another person received the gift of salvation before his ascension into Love’s indescribable presence due to an event that also cut his life short on this earth.

In addition, I provided a copy of my first book entitled Victorious Love as a Christmas gift to a young man in Uganda in 2008. This particular gentleman, Spikey, later came in contact with a pastor in Uganda who was looking for books on faith. Spikey recommended a copy of my book to Pastor Jackson, who then contacted me to express his appreciation of the impact Victorious Love has had upon his life. Pastor Jackson sent me wonderful correspondence stating how he shared Victorious Love with a lady who wound up in tears as she opened up her heart to Jesus and gave her life to Him. She elaborated how she was missing and was in need of the love contained in this book. Plus, this woman promised to look for a church that believes in the love portrayed in Victorious Love. What a wonderful declaration to the faithfulness of our Father as another precious child has come into the fold of His love.

The above mentioned lady continued to communicate with Pastor Jackson. She also asked him to come to her home to share with others the words contained in Victorious Love. He readily agreed and met with a total of nine people who were ready to hear the heart of Love. As a result, two additional individuals opened up their hearts to Jesus as our Father’s family continues to increase. What joyous occasions take place when people understand that Love is waiting for them with open arms.

I am truly looking forward to seeing these people in heaven as this is what life is all about. Yes, it is experiencing the joy of individuals coming to the light and receiving the most beautiful gifts that have been presented from above.

Love has created us to be a family of one and to live in unity.

Our Father is sincerely speaking to all of our hearts if we will be sensitive enough to take the time to listen, believe and to receive all He has for us. He is continually casting forth His precious pearls to all who will grasp and clasp the treasures flowing forth from the throne of Love.

Jesus has divinely orchestrated a successful symphony between all of my family members which is the best place to be. I am truly looking forward to spending eternity with my family as our Father is a glorious God of unity.

Our loving Father continues to touch my heart in very special ways. I can honestly say that I know Him and truly appreciate His revelations of faithfulness which far exceed my highest expectations.

When you receive a revelation of Love’s compassion, mercy and forgiveness, you look forward to sharing His heart with those who have a desire to know Him.

Jesus is waiting for you today if you have never made a commitment to His saving ways.

This is as good of a time as any to open up your heart to Love and to ask Him in to give you a beautiful new start.

If you are interested, please go to the  Salvation page for additional information on accepting Love’s gracious invitation.