acts of loveACTS OF LOVE

The following are short excerpts from the new book, Acts of Love,  by John Erol Kocer:

“How can you totally trust someone you don’t fully know? The better you know Love, the more intimately you can trust Him with all of your life.
Blessings and abundance will follow us if we will maintain the steadfast course Love has set before us.

Love will direct our steps of faith if we look to Him for the ultimate guidance.

Yes, you do have the opportunity to know Love’s plans for you and for those He wants you to touch.

When you clearly hear Him, you know that what He says will come to full fruition.

Our Father is always about increase when it comes to the positive aspects of life.

It is all about knowing Him, which will be reflected in all that we do.

If you will walk with Love, His essence will flow throughout every fiber of your being and transcend the terrains of the hardest souls.

Will we fly up on the wings of Love to attain higher levels of His wonderful wisdom?

What Love says will come to pass.

If we will begin to focus on helping all of God’s creation, we will truly start to experience Love’s jubilation.

Giving is the ultimate way of living.” 

 victorious loveVICTORIOUS LOVE

The following are short excerpts from the book, Victorious Love, by John Erol Kocer:

“Love, light and life are all synonymous as you cannot separate any of these wonderful facets.  
Love is the most powerful force upon the face of this earth. It will penetrate all it comes in contact with.

Love unites, heals, sanctifies and sets us free from all activity that is not pleasing to our Father. He truly provides us with the most splendid victory.

Will you also allow Love to purify your heart, mind, soul and body of all that contaminates so that He can provide the most accurate coordinates?

Let’s truly strive for excellence. It is so important to come up to a higher level and view the world as Jesus sees it. The earth is His but the world operates on a totally different playing field.

Allow our Father to do His best for you by communing with Him on a daily basis.

Submit, commit and emit Love’s very essence by spending time in His presence.

Allow Him to reveal His glory so that your faith can grow. How can you trust someone you do not know?

Do our words penetrate the hearts of people or are we actively involved in debates? Do we even share His heart with others?

Will we enter our Father’s best provisions of abundance and blessings? If so, we need to communicate with Love Himself, allowing His power and force to set us free from all captivity.

Whoever you are in your journey today, please remember that the God of all miracles is waiting to show Himself in the most powerful way.

If you will study the whole creative process of the force of Love, you will truly realize that it could and can only be done from the One above.”