Comments About John

“The Lord brought John Kocer into my life earlier this year and he has been nothing short of a blessing to me. He is a brother in the Lord in the truest sense of the word, and I thank the Lord for our godly friendship. He is faithful to all God puts in His way, and is determined to be all the Lord has called him to be. He is kind and tenderhearted in God’s love. John is mature and bold in speaking the truth in His love as well. Many men could learn much from him. I’m looking forward to seeing all God has for him to do and be in the future. I am praying for and cheering him along all the way. Thanks, John, for being such a blessing in my life!”

Linda S. Churchwell

“John Kocer is known to many as a humble man of God and one of integrity. He is a great teacher and an awesome preacher of the Word of God. He is empowered with an extraordinary ability in the gift of exhortation. He makes you feel that you can conquer the world whether you have two pennies or two million. Even when you have missed God, he will help you back on track. God has called John at such a time as this to minister to the broken-hearted, those facing financial crisis and so much more. I encourage you to use him in your ministry. I have and we have been blessed.”

Patricia Bankhead

“John is such a beam of light for our Father. I call him Sonshine. He shows the love of our Father in everything he does. He is a wonderful friend & a brother like no other I have known. I am so inspired & encouraged by his walk in love. John truly is a blessing to me & all who come in contact with him.”

Sophia Poole 

“I am delighted to recommend John Erol Kocer as a speaker for various functions. He spoke at a men’s breakfast recently at our church and very effectively communicated the Word of God to our men. His love for Jesus Christ and his desire to share His love with others captured the hearts and minds of the men. His message was Christ-centered, biblical and relevant. I believe the Lord has His hand on John and will use him in amazing ways for His glory.”

Pastor Larry Burd
Senior Pastor/Outreach Minister
Calvary Baptist Church
111 Dewberry Avenue
Bethlehem, Pa 18017

“John is a natural on television. The ministry is his calling and he belongs speaking to large crowds. His performance is smooth and he is an absolutely awesome speaker.”

Bob Buenzly 

“John is very professional and has a great command of his audience.”

Terry Livorsi
President and CEO
HealthCare Assistance with Member Support, LLC

“John is a very positive person, who puts the interests of others before himself. He is very pleasant to communicate with and cordial in all correspondence.”

Kelly DeLisle-Karonhienha:wi

“John is one of the most uplifting people you will ever know. He walks close to the Lord and it shows in everything he does. His CD and book both show such spiritual contentment. Plus, the love of the Lord is so apparent. He is a real blessing to me and to everyone he knows. I know God will use him in his mission to advocate for animals as well as for those who need legal help. He is a true man of God.”

Lisa Walker

“John has been an inspiration to me since I met him. He’s one of the best mentors I’ve had in a long time. He’s one of my greatest spiritual inspirations of all time.”

Spikey Rashon


“John is a gift from above. He has a way of making people feel valued and special. He sees the good in others and his encouraging words of wisdom are like medicine to the soul. Thank you, John, for allowing the love of Jesus to shine brightly in and through you for all to see.”

Michelle Jones

“As for John Kocer’s life, I see that he exemplifies Christ. He does this in not only what he says but in his actions. I have only heard and seen a gentle, loving spirit in John, even when talking about people who have wronged him. This is where a person’s true heart is seen. John remains in Christ in all situations and is an example to all who want to be self-controlled under the Spirit of the living God.”

Juda Myers
Freedom Ministries
Author, Speaker, Artist, Singer & Songwriter

“John and I have been personal friends for years. John Kocer’s heart and passion for God is extraordinary. His knowledge and application of God’s word exemplifies a faith that strengthens and inspires me.”

Drew Taylor M.S.
Christian Counselor
and Assistant Pastor

“A humble believer whose reliance on the Word and his search for the Light permeates all that he does. His thoughts reflect his reliance on the Hand that guides him and his search for deeper understanding.”

Sandra L. Levan

“In the time that I have known John, I have known him to be a man of God and deeply committed to serving his Father. Whether that be through song, study or sharing God’s Word with others, I truly believe that John strives to follow God’s calling for his life. I am excited to read the meditations and thoughts that our heavenly Father has implanted within his heart.”

Kevin Broadhead

“I have enjoyed a long term & deep friendship with John for over twenty years. During those twenty plus years, I have delightfully watched him develop and grow in the love of God and is a powerful witness for Christ in this world.”

Stan Oraczewski

“John is a man who is in tune with our Father God’s heart. Whenever I talk to him, I know that he will give me something that will encourage me or spur me on in the faith. That is a gift from God.”

Tim Jones

“John is a blessed man of God! I see Jesus in him! The love of Christ radiates in and through John!”

Gabriella Ponican

“John is a great blessing to those who know him. His prayers and care helps this world to spin! Plus, his talent with music is a gift from above!”

Anna Torba

“John is such a blessing to all who know him! It is him whom we all thank.”

Glenda F. Hall

“John is a nice, honest and reliable man who walks with God.”

Okoduwa Maris