CD Reviews

“John Erol Kocer speaks volumes through his music and lyrics. His guitars voice messages through melodic development and distinctive sounds, fusing structured tones.

The first song from his album, Faithful, is “Rana’s Rise to Royalty.” It captures your attention with soft venues, inviting you to come in and bask in the alluring tones as it pours drops of peace all over you and leaves you refreshed.

The collection of songs presented in this release are heartwarming and they are the vehicle through which John is channeling his heart. You can feel his commitment to the persona on display.

I find a fascination with the words from “Living Jewels” and “Ever So.” They convey exactly what the writer is trying to communicate, making a difference in a person’s life. The lyrics from “With You” are from a heart that desires to express a true and pure form of love, which is his love for Jesus Christ.

John’s voice is soft and yet believable. It is expressive in every sense of the word as it cascades a flow of uplifting solace that brings the heart into thankfulness for our Savior.

“Shaun’s Flight to Freedom” is my favorite from this CD. The guitars and keyboards carry the song through its best moments as they communicate with one another. It is as if they are telling a story and conveying its message through the power of music.

All in all, the music brings me into a different arena, where it settles, mesmerizes and calms the soul.”

MJ Kennedy

“As I listened to the songs on Faithful, I felt the peace of God fill the room and found I could not do anything but just soak in His presence as the music played. As with all CDs, there are particular songs or a song that impacts you more than others and that one for me was “Rana’s Rise to Royalty.” I truly loved them all but this one took me into His presence in the Spirit and I danced before Him with ribbons. I saw myself dancing before Him as His daughter.

I want more of John’s music as I am blessed with his songs. Thank you so much for this beautiful worship that flows from the heart.”

Andrea Trask
New Zealand

“What can I say? This CD is so amazing! It’s truly a piece of heaven on earth. Each song ushers you straight into the presence of the Father, freeing you as He lifts your every burden. Healing those wounds and scars that cause you deep pain. As I listened to it, I felt His peace washing over me. This music is so soothing with a warmth of love. If you want to draw closer to the Father, especially during your quiet times, get this CD! There is a special anointing upon John and it shows up in his music!”

Patricia Bankhead

“One thing I have noticed as I listened to this CD entitled Faithful by my great covenant friend, John Erol Kocer, is that he is such a loving man toward others. John’s love is expressed through his writing as well as his music.

When I first read John’s book, Victorious Love, I did not know that John also had written all of the words and music on this CD. When he sent me a copy of Faithful, I was interested to hear the words contained in his songs and I must confess that his great selection of words is a work of art. John’s love for others also led him to write instrumentals that are dedicated to the memory of a few of his close relations that have impacted him in a positive way.

John’s songs are so captivating. They also bring a new understanding to the body of Christ on how to honor those who have had a positive impact on our lives, even though they have gone to heaven.

Oh, how great it is for us in Kenya to have the selections expressed by John! I believe if you obtain a copy of this CD, it will enable you to learn a lot from John’s songs of love. I don’t imagine you will want to miss the opportunity to hear John’s selections demonstrated with such sweet and cool melodies. You will also begin sensing the power of God’s revelations come upon you as you keep listening to his songs.

John’s compositions are moving selections as they are full of the power of the Holy Ghost. I pray that this CD will be a blessing to you as you hear it. You can listen to his songs while involved in essentially any type of event. I also pray that Faithful by John Erol Kocer will become an instrument that brings positive changes to its listeners. I recommend this CD for your family and friends as well as yourself. Just obtain a copy and you will be blessed.”

Pastor Richard Wasike
Founder and President of Richminster Christian Foundation

“John’s music, like his soul, is a sweet aroma of the Spirit of God. Gentle sounds take you away from the harshness of this life. It is almost like a movie in your mind. I can almost feel the wind in my face on “Joey’s Delicate Dreams.” Great for anytime but especially after a hard day.”

Juda Myers
Freedom Ministries
Author, Speaker, Artist, Singer & Songwriter

“Wow! This CD is so amazing! I love it! The songs evoke emotions that come straight from the heart. Each selection is so relaxing. Faithful is so soothing to listen to as it washes away the cares of the day. Yes, the music is so peaceful. I highly recommend it!”

Dan Nguyen

“As I listened to John’s songs on Faithful, I found out that he is a man who knows what he is doing in the kingdom of God. John is full of potential and value, which the world needs. He is a good songwriter and a man of the times. I like the way John arranged the compositions as the instruments and his voice go well together. He sings songs that are full of messages that speak to the person listening. John lifts the spirits of people and is a blessing to the world. The way he praises God about His compassion for His creation is wonderful.

I want to listen to John’s music over and over again. Surely, as I listen to his songs, I receive new revelations through the Holy Spirit. May the Lord bless his ministry.”

Apostle Allan Mugoha
Restoration Vision Center

“Wow! John’s CD, Faithful, is one great album! I loved listening to it. Everything is just so calm and peaceful. The heavenly melodies and the inspiring lyrics were carefully put together to create these beautiful songs. “Joyce’s Victorious Ascension” is my favorite track. Faithful is one CD I would recommend to my friends and I’m sure they would love it too! I am also hoping to hear more of John’s songs in the coming days.”

Armina P. Evangelista

“I love the songs on John Kocer’s CD entitled Faithful. I am truly blessed by the wonderful sounds on the instrumentals of “Joey’s Delicate Dreams,” “Shaun’s Flight to Freedom” and “Joyce’s Victorious Ascension” as they have become a part of my soul.

I have listened to these songs over and over as they are so lovely and serene. You can feel the hand of our heavenly Maker in them! Thank you, John, for using the gifts God has given you.

John has a great voice and an even greater gift to play these songs! I enjoyed this CD very much and I can recommend it to everyone. Just go and listen to Faithful so you can hear for yourself!”

Herma Andela

“I love John’s music. It is full of life. It is lively and lovely. Listening to its sounds and words brings both the Creator and His creation into my ears as well as painting beautiful pictures in front of my eyes. Faithful is living, peaceful and harmonious. Most of all, John’s music communicates our Father’s love in various ways. “Living Jewels” is my favorite. Thank you, John!”

Pia Torniainen

“Faithful is wonderful! I have really enjoyed listening to John’s songs. I sense the tunes coming from a heart that is honest and real as well as responding to the Fathers Heart! The songs are so nice and friendly written with much sensitivity. They bring forth the peace and love of God and draws you closer to Him. I recommend everyone to listen to them too.”

Pia Bonefeld

“Wow! The songs on Faithful are so wonderful! They are delicate and very tender. John has a voice of gold that is so soft, gentle and romantic. John’s voice is a blessing to everyone who listens.”

Vera Nathalina

“All of the songs on Faithful are great! They are beautiful songs! John has a voice that is so sweet. “Ever So” is my favorite.”

Akiko Sugawara

“Getting the opportunity to hear Faithful was a blessing! I love this CD! The music is so peaceful and uplifting. Plus, the lyrics touch your heart and direct your thoughts to God. John truly has a gift from the Lord for songwriting as well as performing moving and beautiful music to bless your soul!”

Sarah Ostby

“This is some of the best smooth, relaxing and laidback music my ears have ever listened to! John Kocer’s voice is soft, smooth and not easily forgotten. I love your style John Kocer. God bless you!”

Adrienne Villegas-Kenyon

“The songs on Faithful are very beautiful! The music is very nice and the words are wonderful! I feel that the author loves the Lord and worships Him with his songs. I was very strongly blessed by listening to these songs. John, thank you. God bless you!”

Tatyana Blyznuk

“All of the pieces on Faithful are lovely. “Joyce’s Victorious Ascension” is my favorite. John’s music has accompanied me during my daily prayers and has elevated my spirit.

John is blessed with the gift of music. It is wonderful to see that he has opened up his heart and soul to this calling. I wish him continued success.”

Mary Lina Baez

“I have had the opportunity to listen to John Kocer’s new CD entitled Faithful. I was very stressed as I listened to the CD on my way home. It seemed to transport me to a place of peace and harmony. The vocals and instrumentals are uplifting as well as beautiful. This CD is awesome!”

Judy Koger Souders

Faithful is a wonderful gift from above to the people. The sublime gems have roots, sources and origins from heaven. They are divine! I love them! The marvelous songs reflect the songwriter‘s lyrics, strong faith, life and experience with God.  Faithful is a rich source of great meditation, mighty contemplation, necessary relaxation and peace for the soul. Faithful is the fruit and the materialization of the songwriter‘s sincerest desire to do something beautiful for God and to help people by leading them toward our Savior.”

Eugen Pop

“The day I received John’s CD entitled Faithful in the mail, I knew it was an answer from God. In the midst of dealing with my son’s addiction and confronting him on an issue, I took a deep breath and walked out to get the mail. There it was, John’s CD. I laid it on the counter and continued to talk with my son. As he left the room, I felt lost and all alone. I saw the CD, picked it up and put it in. As I was listening to John’s voice and music, I was brought to a deeper level within my heart. God was telling me through John’s music that I was not alone, nor ever will be. This CD was bringing me to a state of mind where God needed me to be so that He could talk to me. John’s music was so comforting, beautiful and peaceful. It wasn’t too long after listening to the CD that I had forgotten why I was so upset. His words touched my heart and soul. His CD helped me to break away from the worries of life and to be in God’s presence. I think everyone who listens to Faithful will experience their own level of communication with God. Whether it is to just sit and to be in the presence of God, for Him to speak to you through John’s music or to celebrate the Father’s love for us.

Pick up a copy of Faithful today and enjoy John’s musical talent as well as listening to him praising our God.”

Deborah Horack

“I find the CD entitled Faithful to be a careful selection of delightful songs with thoughtful lyrics that appeal to the soul. The songs are great for quiet moments or long rides in the car. They definitely have a soothing impact on my commutes during the week. Good work, John. Thank you for blessing us with your talent.”

Sylvanus Davies

“I love this CD! What an anointing on every song that will bring you into the presence of the Lord as you listen to it. My home was filled with a beautiful peace as I listened to Faithful. This CD will bless the old and young alike, regardless of your style of music. I am so looking forward to hearing more of John’s music in the future.”

Sophia Poole

“This really is an awesome CD. “Living Jewels,” “Protection” and “With You” are my top three songs. The music is relaxing and the words are uplifting. I think this would be something that would be so good to listen to after a long and stressful day at work.”

Lisa Walker

“If you are looking for some soothing music to relax and unwind to, this is the CD for you. John has a gift of blending instrumentals and vocals in a way that will encourage you and soothe away the cares of this world.”

Michelle Jones

Faithful is very well done as it is so beautifully orchestrated. This is an extraordinary CD as John’s style is very unique. It is enjoyable to listen to. I definitely recommend it!”

George E. Mull

“A unique oasis of beauty, tranquility and peace. Very pleasurable to drive with. The sounds of heaven reside within this CD.”

Lois Benner

“John has such a unique and smooth sound. I find myself playing his songs in my head without even being conscious of it, which is a real sign that it is very good. It’s anointed and soothing. Great job, John. Keep up the good work with what the Lord has given you.”

Linda Churchwell

“I really like this CD. For me, I feel a peaceful calm when I listen to the music. I like the blend of instrumental and vocal pieces. John’s dedication to the remembrance of Rana, Joyce, Shaun and Joey makes the music all the more special. Thanks for sharing your gift.”

Mark Stralko

“Just pop in this CD, close your eyes and feel the love and emotion that was put into the making of this beautiful music. I love this CD and I know it has God’s blessings upon it. Thanks, John!”

Pat Oswald

“I first listened to John’s CD about an hour after I found out a good friend had unexpectedly passed away. I was in shock when I received the phone call but after listening to this CD, I felt a sense of peace. John’s music has an incredibly soothing effect on the soul. I look forward to his future CDs! John, thanks for sharing your life with everyone through your music!”

Joanne Ravitsky

“I feel the presence of the Lord when I listen to the instrumentals on this CD. All of the music touches my heart. I recommend everyone to listen to Faithful. It is so soothing and relaxing. God’s blessings to you, John.”

Spikey Rashon

“Each song on Faithful is very professional and anointed. John has a very beautiful voice.”

Daria Zhinkevich

Faithful is so awesome! The vocals and guitar selections are wonderful. I love this CD.”

Pastor Moses Mutongole
Kristo Palace Church International Ministries

Faithful is excellent! It is very nicely done. I definitely recommend this CD!”

Steve Novak

“Every song on Faithful is very beautiful!”

Gabriella Ponican

“John Erol Kocer shares a musical idea of the faithfulness of God with a belief in everlasting life. The CD reflects on how God is true and constant as well as showing how He will adhere to His promises.  Faithful is awesome.”

Pastor Jackson Robert Ssekajugo
Prayer House International Ministries

Faithful is both encouraging and uplifting. I highly recommend it.”

Terry Livorsi
President and CEO
HealthCare Assistance with Member Support, LLC

“When I first heard John’s music, what came to mind was thoughts of a heart who was seeking the presence of God. It reminded my husband and I of the psalmist of old, where someone who desires to be in the soaking place with Jesus would go. Faithful is gentle, calming and beautiful. You can hear the tenderness of John’s heart towards the Father in his words as well as in his music. You will be blessed mightily while listening to his songs as they are truly anointed.”

Connie Harnden

“The CD  Faithful is definitely anointed. It has a sweet and calming effect on the soul.”

Connie Roberts

“The songs on Faithful provide a deep peace and are a joy to listen to.”

Maribel Lucio Rodriguez

“This CD is definitely both energizing and relaxing. It has great beats and is also very soothing. Great job, John.”

Wanda Melon

“When I first listened to the CD entitled  Faithful by John Kocer, I was amazed at the peace of God that I felt and was truly blessed by the music. Thank you, John!”

Nora Shock

“All of the songs on Faithful are very nice. “Joyce’s Victorious Ascension” is my favorite. John is a very talented musician.”

Sathi Zoysa
Sri Lanka