Book Reviews

“John Erol Kocer is prayerful, spiritual and devoted to his calling by our Lord Jesus Christ. In his book, Victorious Love, I find a work with practical insights, guiding me into deeper spirituality. It seems all light and hope are wrapped up in an exhilarated read from a man who knows the deeper reality of the joy of Christ. He evangelizes through the written Word and integrates the message with poetry. This leaves me remedied from my maladies as the words grab my heart through the beautiful message of our Savior.

There are so many questions that the human heart longs to ask. God has the answers as the author lays it out in layman’s terms for us to grip and understand. He also brings to life the purpose God has for each and every one of us.

John writes in a way that is inclusive. This includes those who aren’t Christians as he recognizes that all people have a longing for a spiritual embrace.

The author’s journey through the Book of John in the New Testament awakens the senses as the main character, Jesus Christ, is referred to as “Love.” In this spectrum, we get an eye-opening, unexpected concrete core, which flourishes with the knowledge of Christ as nuggets are represented as fine gold through each and every word.

After reading this book and underlining specific parts that reach out and speak to me directly, I am left feeling radiant with the joy and hope we have through our Lord Jesus Christ. After reading this presentation, what I remember most is that through the author’s vivid details and sensory input, the credibility of “Love” has stood the test of time and still stands strong today. Yes, I can see we will all acquiesce to the Wonder of Wonders, Who is our True Love. He truly is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is engaging in a closer walk with Christ as well as for those who have no relationship with our Father God. A personal gain will be the result and times of refreshment will be the peace you are left with.”

MJ Kennedy

“I just completed Victorious Love by John Erol Kocer for the first time and I am confident it will not be my last. From the size of the book, it gives one the impression that it will be a quick read. However, the loving depth of this writing compels the reader to savor each page, each chapter, and absorb the Holy Spirit’s love, grace and wisdom.

John’s anointing in his ministry, and pouring forth through this book is so very needed at this time in the Body of Christ and the world as a whole. The obvious driving force of gentleness and true humility behind the way the truth of God’s Word is conveyed by John causes anyone reading it to be able to receive it without any sense of judgment or elitism on John’s part. Meaning, throughout the book, John continuously talks in a manner that is tender and respectful to the hearer while at the same time putting forth the powerful and necessary truth of God’s Word and heart in such a way that causes you to not only get it but want it. It is God’s heart in the purest form.

His reference to our need for a “passion to purity” and placing God’s love for us and through us as paramount in our walk with Him and others, compels the reader to realize all over again the importance of growing into genuine maturity in Christ.

As the Apostle Paul states after his incredible teaching on God’s love in 1 Corinthians 13, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; now that I have become a man, I am done with childish ways and have put them aside”. (Amplified) Victorious Love makes the reader understand in a real, honest, search your own heart type manner, the call that every child of “Love” has to maturity, and that true maturity can only come about through God’s love and obedience to His love. It causes us to realize in a fresh, revelatory way that without it we will never attain to and fulfill the high calling “Love” has on us in Christ, nor will we ever be able to live a truly victorious life while on this earth without walking in this light.

I feel that every believer and every lost soul needs to read Victorious Love. What a blessing it is. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, John. I love it!”

Linda S. Churchwell

“Wow! I have just finished reading Victorious Love for the second time!

John Kocer is a very gifted communicator. In Victorious Love, John not only provides us with the Scriptures to back up his teachings but through his writing one can sense his in-depth understanding of the self-sacrificing, unconditional and endless love of God. Victorious Love is so insightful and motivating. I will read it again and again! It is a great study guide of the Gospel of John. Reading it will no doubt increase one’s faith. Victorious Love is the greatest love story ever told. I highly recommend it!”

Glenda F. Hall

“I have found that God gifts people in different ways. John Kocer has a special gift of expressing God’s love for mankind. In Victorious Love, John unlocks a treasure chest of scriptural truths. John proves that God is love and that His love was demonstrated to us through Jesus Christ. This book will help you to delve deeper into the boundless, bottomless, endless love of God.  Victorious Love is one of those rare gems that increases your faith and helps you to grow in love day by day. It is a great study guide of the Gospel of John. Very easy for new believers to understand, practical and insightful! Victorious Love is the greatest love story ever told. I highly recommend it!”

Patricia Bankhead

Victorious Love is a book well written and easy and clear to read. It is a must for all leaders and pastors of the church and also for every believer today. I recommend it highly. It is a book with a wealth of resources about His love. John Erol Kocer is a powerful communicator. The truth explored in this book lays the foundation on which a child of God’s life is built, which is the love of God. I personally believe it carries a message for all people in all walks of life of hope, of courage and of love. After reading this book you will go deeper into His love and compassion, which we should experience. A wonderful book with a great message that brings the Holy Spirit’s conviction.”

Pastor Devin Rajiah

“Wow! Victorious Love is so awesome! This book speaks to the heart. I believe that all people should read it. With the information contained in this book, John should be speaking to large crowds. I definitely recommend it.”

Dan Nguyen

“What made Victorious Love special to me was its outstanding gentleness. Its easy flowing, natural, pastoral style, proves the unique expression of the author, who clearly has dedicated his life to living and understanding the content. To me it was much like the experience of eagerly standing in the rain on a warm summer day and being invigorated as well as refreshed. It is relevant and easily applicable to a wide audience. Because of the gentleness that pervades throughout, I especially feel it would make a perfect gift for people who are either hospitalized, in rehabilitation facilities, those incarcerated or suffering on a sick-bed. In this harsh world, today’s youth face many challenges. Perhaps it ought to be compulsory reading to help support and offer sound hope and direction for the youth. However, I am certain anyone will glean something precious. Personally, I was touched at the scene and rendition concerning the instruction to “gather up the fragments that remain” as well as when I read about the talents, gifts and fruit we ought to develop.

John’s theory accurately portrays the pursuit of the spirit of excellence. To love and be loved is the highest aspiration anyone could be happy to find. John brings the reality of this a little closer as it is almost touchable.”

Lucy Parker

“I thank God for the beautiful gift of Victorious Love by author John Erol Kocer. I just finished reading this precious book and found that the author has presented a great treasure to its reader. I find Victorious Love to be a guide map for those who wish to fulfill their destiny in light of the teaching of the Holy Bible. I believe if an individual will read and study Victorious Love, they will certainly experience the love, grace, mercy and wisdom of God as well as to understand God’s love.

 Victorious Love will enable the Church to live victoriously if a decision is made to be obedient to the heavenly vision given to every believer. It is not only a source of blessing and education for mature Christians but it also carries a powerful message of salvation for lost souls.

I pray for John Erol Kocer that he continues to compile more books as he has the ability, the capability and the potential to give treasures of knowledge in abundance to believers all over the world.”

Pastor Riaz Sadiq
Good News Ministries of Pakistan

“I am very grateful for Victorious Love. I must say, the book is very inspiring. As I turned the pages, I felt that I was not only reading a book but that I was also talking to the writer as well as to God in a very personal way. I liked how John gave an in-depth study of the verses in the book of John, offering very insightful and inspiring explanations. In the latter part, he leaves the readers some questions and thoughts to ponder. I shall be reading this book again and again!”

Armina P. Evangelista

“The very moment I started to read this book, I had a compulsion to finish it. Nothing could have compelled me to read Victorious Love other than the pure love of Christ, Who emanates from every word written in this book.

The amazing thing about Victorious Love is that the author has taken time to describe Christ Jesus as love. It is interesting to note that this is the sort of love that all Christians need in order to overcome the world. Love is such a force that it can’t be stopped as it breaks through religions, nations, tribes, families and denominations.

I have been tremendously blessed by this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a firm grasp of God’s love.”

Obot Umana

“After reading Victorious Love, I am fully convinced that John is led by the Spirit of God in what he is doing. It is the Lord Who gave John the inspiration to write this book. When I read Victorious Love, I could feel the Lord speaking into my spirit about love in a deeper way.

John speaks to the reader as well as to the hearer. I long to see him in a leadership conference in our nation of Kenya. He is among the international speakers of this time.

John references our need and passion for purity as well as pursuing God’s love for us in our daily walks with Him and others. With this in mind, it sure gives the reader time to think about the importance of maturity and purity with Christ Jesus our Lord.

I feel in my heart that every teacher of the Word needs this book entitled  Victorious Love. John is a gift to speak into a person’s life. Thanks, John, and may the Lord bless you as you have something to offer to the nations.”

Apostle Allan Mugoha
Restoration Vision Center

“The book Victorious Love by my friend John Erol Kocer should be referred to as a tool in the hand of all who truly desire to have a closer and more loving relationship with our heavenly Father. This is a book that should be regarded as a reference tool alongside the Bible. The writer expresses great insight of the loving heart of the Father, which is revealed to the world through His Son, Jesus, Whom He sent to die for human sin.

John does not write about love in a hypocritical manner as he lives the way of love. His ever yearning desire for the whole world to be turned to the love of our heavenly Father just leaves me marvel at the good ministry God has granted to him, which few people have. The minister’s cry to God is that the world may have a true relationship with the Lord. This is a rare ministry in these days as the world is looking for someone to give and offer them love.

This book will unveil all components of love as well as what love can do for you. If you have ever had any relational problems, you will begin to discover that love carries with it compassion, forgiveness, mercy and acceptance.

As I began reading John’s book, little did I know that I would begin to understand some deeper secrets about forgiveness that can be found within a family. Some years back, I was terminated from my senior position by a close person within our family. This exposed my family to great poverty, which resulted in bankruptcy due to me losing my job. This led me to develop an attitude of hatred towards this relative. However, John’s book has revealed to me that Jesus does not waste one single moment of my life and that He will heal all of my wounds and scars.

John’s book is an opportunity for you to see in a purified way what John Erol has been learning and utilizing successfully throughout his productive life in ministry. This will also help your ministry to shine. Victorious Love is a book that will help you. I recommend this book as it has great insight. By reading it, you will not remain the same way with Christ. After applying the principles laid down in this precious book, you will become the person whom the world will regard as a person of love.

One of my personal joys is having John’s book as it has really turned out to be a great blessing to me. I count it a joy to work alongside John, who is a great friend to me. I pray that this book becomes a source of encouragement and motivation to your soul as it has done for me.”

Pastor Richard Wasike
Founder and President of Richminster Christian Foundation

“I truly have been blessed by reading John’s book entitled  Victorious Love. John is taking us all into a deep revelation of our heavenly Father’s great love for His Children. I love the way John calls God Love instead of God.

John is a mature and very gifted teacher. I am truly in awe how he can put so much truth into such a little book! John truly has a gift to communicate the Word of God through relevant Scriptures to us all as believers. Throughout the whole book, John’s personal relationship to our Lord and Savior really shines brightly. It is so beautiful! You sense very clearly how John wants to express God’s heart and His great love for His creation.

The book  Victorious Love is a wonderful guiding light. You can read it over and over again. The book is very uplifting, encouraging and it will build your faith. I highly recommend it.”

Pia Bonefeld

“John is a blessing to people who have never been shown love or to those who have lost it. Victorious Love has touched my heart as I lost my father while I was still young and could not benefit from this kind of love. This book has refreshed my mind once more that I have a Father Who loves me and asks me to give the same love to others. John is a real blessing to the world through Victorious Love.”

Pastor Steven Alembe
Senior pastor of El Shaddai Church & Ministry
Democratic Republic of the Congo

“I recommend everyone to read Victorious Love. It is a great book that is so encouraging. It is filled with lots of love for God and for people. Victorious Love is beautiful and is a blessing to me.”

Vesna Stankovska

“For me,  Victorious Love, was a word in due season. It took me four times to be able read through the first chapter because the Spirit of the Lord broke me each time and I just wept. Some points were brought home to me in a big way, especially the end of Chapter 2. It states, “Please stop concentrating on doctrinal differences for this only produces strife. Be led by His ways, which always produces life.”

This book has truth with such simplicity and grace that the words penetrate the reader’s heart and imparts hope. This is such a wonderful gift. May all who read John’s books be drawn by the love of Jesus flowing through his pages and may many hearts be turned to Jesus.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are going to use John in a mighty way to win souls and to heal hearts through his writings in Jesus Name I pray.”

Anna Price

Victorious Love is a very good book. It is inspired by and full of the Holy Spirit. I received many blessings from the Lord Jesus while reading this book.”

Ather Javed

“In  Victorious Love, John Kocer reminded me of a “first love” that I had almost forgotten. Life’s trivialities can sometimes rob us of that one superlative experience that changes our lives forever, the day we came to Christ. Through Victorious Love, I was able to reconcile many unanswered questions within myself and reestablish a new and refreshed relationship with my Lord Jesus. John wrote “It is so important to stand strong and not to allow the enemy to lie to us about our worth”. This is a must read for the new Christian and the seasoned Christian as well.”

Danielle Byrd
Writer & Artist

“John Erol Kocer reminds me of a gold miner. He has an unusual ability to study a passage of Scripture, discover nuggets of truth within the text, polish them and then present them in a profound, yet practical manner. That’s what he has done with the Gospel of John.

In this book, Victorious Love, the author personifies Jesus Christ as the essence of victorious love. Love is victorious because Jesus Christ is victorious in all He does and says in the Word of God. Just as “God is love” even so Jesus is victorious love as demonstrated throughout the Gospel of John.

In this book, the author allows God to use his personality to communicate biblical truth in a fresh and exciting way. His use of rhyme is not distracting but delightful. “Listen, Jesus left His glory to tell us His story. Bask in His presence and partake of His essence. Listen to His words, hear what He has to say, speak with love and authority to those who walk your way.”

I have known John Erol Kocer for many years. I have had the privilege of being his pastor and have seen Victorious Love demonstrated in his life. I have a much deeper appreciation for the author as a man of God as a result of reading his book, Victorious Love.

I trust you will be a better “gold miner” and find many “nuggets of truth” as you read this book based on the Gospel of John.”

Pastor Larry Burd
Senior Pastor/Outreach Minister
Calvary Baptist Church
111 Dewberry Avenue
Bethlehem, Pa 18017

“Wow! The two words in the title of this book, Victorious Love, are positive and full of potential as well as passion and love.

I will only expound on the book a little because it’s a must read and I do not want to give it all away. When I began to read the book, the first couple of things that came to my mind was God is love as well as the great love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. One of the neat things is this is a small book that is packed with scriptural references and is easy to read. John backed up what he said with Scriptures. With all that he touched on in this book, it could have been so much larger. However, I know that was obviously not his goal but to convey the yearning of his heart for you and I and that is to draw closer to our awesome God as well as to truly know Him!

This is a really good book for many who might need a fresh look on things. This is especially true for those who have had there knowledge of the word love tainted by the world, which is most of us. This puts things into perspective as love is nothing like the world at large may think it is for Love is a Person!

John is a good friend to many. It seems like he approached this book in the same way, not as a scholar but as a friend. Through his study of the Scriptures his view of God is love!

I thank my God for John using his gifts and talents that God has given him to fulfill the Great Commission. One of the ways he has done this is by putting his heart on paper in a book called Victorious Love.”

Bart Jones

“John’s book will resonate positively throughout all aspects of your life. It’s a great read with a meaningful message. This book will impact your life in a most meaningful way. The message is honest and John’s eloquent style makes this a fascinating and enjoyable read. An uplifting message from John Kocer. Take his message to heart and watch your life change in positive and meaningful ways. John’s eloquent literary style imparts his message with clarity and heartfelt faith. This is a book that can change your life.”

Jim McGee
Recording & Mix Engineer
SpectraSound Recording, LLC

“From the moment I picked up John’s book, Victorious Love, I knew that God wanted me to read it. I have been going through a trial and God used John’s book to answer questions that I had been asking God as well as myself. Through  Victorious Love, I saw the love and care of God in action. As John explained about love in his book, I was experiencing it first hand in my life at that particular time. John taught me to allow the joy of our Father to flow through me even in the midst of my trial. To be able to receive God’s love and His best for me was a true heart to heart experience. As the book says “Allow His joy to flow within you and to refresh every dry area of your being”. Those specific words lifted my tears and allowed the true joy of Jesus to flow through me. Love Himself was comforting me, taking care of the situation and was giving me more than I could conceive. This book has touched me in so many ways but the one thing John taught me was how great the love of God is. As for myself coming short of the glory of God, I know that Jesus died for me. But what John made me realize is even if I was the only person who walked on this earth, Jesus still would have died for me.

If you want to know how deep God’s love is for you then Victorious Love is a wonderful book to read. I believe that John’s thoughts and views are coming from his love and relationship with our Father. John himself is a wonderful example of love.”

Deborah Horack

Victorious Love has helped me to understand and to receive a better perception of the sublime, the vast, the substance, the nature and the superb power of Jesus’ infinite love. Victorious Love tells us of our loving Father, Who loves us with His unfailing love. It also tells us of our wonderful Savior, Who came into our world to suffer for us, to die for us and to save us.  Victorious Love is the voice of the true, the pure, the infinite and the absolute love of God.

There are many books in our world. Their spirits lead people somewhere or nowhere. Victorious Love leads us towards our loving Father and towards our True Love, Who is our Savior. Yes, He loves us and wants us to be saved.”

Eugen Pop

Victorious Love is not a conqueror’s love that selfishly takes all to gain the victory. It is instead one that gives all. The One Who gave His all shows us true love. This isn’t a book of doctrine to make one feel good but it does evoke wonderful feelings. It is a book that speaks truth to attain victory, Love’s way. John points out that Jesus is love. If one follows Jesus and this Victorious Love, one will have a victorious life as well. It is inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend Victorious Love, which has so many scriptural references. It is time well spent.”

Juda Myers
Freedom Ministries
Author, Speaker, Artist, Singer & Songwriter

“This is an awesome book! Victorious Love will bless and touch you wherever you are in your spiritual walk. It is a small book packed with a huge message of our Father’s love.”

Sophia Poole

“The book Victorious Love has been such a blessing to our ministry as well as myself. We are sharing it with our members and the children here in our location. We are totally blessed by this book. I have since been invited by another pastor to teach about the love expressed in Victorious Love. This particular pastor and I also invite you to teach us more of the facts expressed in Victorious Love by personally coming here to Uganda. Yes, we are all blessed and promise to bless others with the teachings found in this wonderful book.”

Pastor Moses Mutongole
Kristo Palace Church International Ministries

Victorious Love has really uplifted my faith. I also appreciate the fact that John has a heart for those who are deprived of true teachings. I really enjoyed this book while I was studying it as Victorious Love shows how we can fulfill our destiny. We can also come to know who we are in Jesus Christ and to understand how precious is His love for us as we read this book.

Although this is John’s first book, it is truly written by the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I pray that this book reaches the whole world and that people may know about this Victorious Love that He has for us.”

Victor Sirdar Hubbell

Victorious Love is enlightening and motivating. John’s use of rhyme beautifully expresses the depth and healing power of God’s profound love for all of His creation.”

Michelle Jones

“I am blessed by the Lord for finding John Kocer worthy of the revelations found in Victorious Love. One on the lessons I have received is the fact that Love heals and Love sacrifices. Plus, I have learned what distinguishes religion from a relationship with God is the level of love that operates in an individual’s life, which is fascinating to know.”

Pastor Isaac Andeche
Angaza International Ministries

“From the minute I started reading Victorious Love to the minute I finished it, I was blessed beyond measure. It is indeed a gold mine as I have found many nuggets of truth, especially that God is love.”

Asher Mansha

Victorious Love is very enjoyable. It is poetic, unique and pleasant in the way it is delivered. Victorious Love certainly helps individuals to understand the love of God. It is a great tool for new converts. I definitely recommend it.”

George E. Mull

Victorious Love is a comforting reminder of God’s overwhelming love for us. This book also motivates us to be all we can be! It is a must read!”

Connie Roberts

“John’s words of the pursuit of Jesus’ passions for our lives shows that we can become so full that it exceeds our highest expectations. Plus, the messages convey how Love transcends our circumstances in ways that are so evident to all who come in contact with us. John talks about how Christianity is not a matter of the intellect but rather a heart to heart connection with God. This is the spirit of Christianity!

Victorious Love conveys the beautiful, warm and loving message of Christ. It is a wonderful book to cuddle up with and/or give to a friend who is looking for comfort, energy or passion!”

Patti Ricketts

“Are you looking for a good book? Would you like to read something uplifting and God-inspired? If so, I recommend John Kocer’s Victorious Love.

His book puts many Scriptures in layman’s terms for those of us who sometimes need guidance in understanding scriptural references. He picks up on subtle nuances in Scripture and makes these meanings and references clear to the reader. The book is all about God’s love and how we can use it to make our own lives more meaningful and victorious!

John, himself, is a shining example of the power of God’s love. He helps to pull us up above the mundane as well as up and beyond the reach of pain and sadness! After reading his book, you will feel renewed and fortified in God’s love!”

Lana Provolt

“I rejoiced while reading Victorious Love. John’s insights and vivid details of the most important thing in life, which is love, is enlightening. He directs the reader in a scriptural way, which is designed to lead to real and lasting joy. This joy is found in knowing God, Who is love. I recommend it.”

Pia Torniainen

“Within his book, Victorious Love, John captures the truth, that from the very beginning of time and throughout eternity is Love.

What we do on this earth is up to us as it is all about the choices we make. His book reveals that when you truly accept Love, you begin to become less judgmental, more forgiving and more compassionate. I would highly recommend this book to everyone who is looking for better applications to everyday life.”

Pat Oswald

“A beautiful illustration of how life really should be. Our heavenly Father has always had a plan for all of our lives and this book is filled with that special love of Christ portrayed through the Word of God.”

Kelly DeLisle

“In his book Victorious Love, John Kocer gives a beautiful illustration of the love that God has for His children. Victorious Love has given me a better understanding of who I am in Christ and just how deep His love is for us. I believe that anyone who reads this book will truly be blessed and moved by it.”

Nora Shock

“This book was a huge blessing to me. It is comforting to know Who God really is. It has verses to back up what the book is saying and it explains how much deeper God’s love is for us than we can ever comprehend.”

Lisa Walker

“Very encouraging, to the point, no fluff and what the cross of Christ is all about.”

Terry Livorsi
President and CEO
HealthCare Assistance with Member Support, LLC

“What a wonderful book. I was really blessed by reading it. My heart rejoiced in the Lord while I read Victorious Love. It explores God’s love for each one of us. This book is a great blessing. Every paragraph contains the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. It has touched my heart.”

Pastor N J Paul Sundersingh Babu

“I have had the opportunity of reading John’s book entitled Victorious Love. As a result, my life and ministry have not remained the same. My life is now restored back to the divine world as a result of reading his book. You will discover God’s unconditional love when you read  Victorious Love.”

Pastor Jackson Robert Ssekajugo
Prayer House International Ministries

“I love the way John describes Jesus as Love. This truly shows us that He is not interested in punishing us but desires to draw us closer to Him and to have a relationship with Him. I also loved John’s description of when the religious men caught a woman in the act of sin and their reaction as compared to God’s reaction towards her. This world will always throw stones at us but God does have the final say.  Victorious Love has truly reminded me that Love is all we need.”

Harriet Ntambi

“I saw once again how God works in people’s lives by reading the book  Victorious Love. God’s love is unique and by searching the Book of John, J.K. shows us how we should love our God and how much we are loved by Him. I love the simplicity of the explanations and the depth of his understanding about us loving God.”

Rossanka A. Ivanova

“At least I understand how much love God has for us, which is more than we can encompass. Victorious Love exhibits insight, which has helped me to have more understanding and to have a strong relationship with Jesus. It is so encouraging and I recommend new believers to read it.”

Spikey Rashon

Victorious Love is very inspirational!”

Beverly Gaudia

Victorious Love is a great book! It is so touching as the love of God is demonstrated throughout its pages. It motivates me to become all Who Jesus has created me to be!”

Gabriella Ponican

Victorious Love is a wonderful book!”

Sowmya Preethi

“I just finished reading Victorious Love and my heart was blessed by it. This is a very inspirational book. It makes my heart burn with His love.”

Daria Zhinkevich

Victorious Love is insightful.”

John Bell

Victorious Love is a great book!”

Pastor Imran Fazal
President & Founder
Harvest Gospel Ministries of Pakistan International

Victorious Love is full of the Word and is a wonderful book.”

Pastor Henry Waweru