About John

John has been studying the Word of God for over 30 years and presents the truth of God's love in ways that are refreshingly pure.

One of his visions is to share God's love in a way that will motivate individuals to fulfill the holy callings Love has placed upon and within people's hearts.

He is an attorney, author, speaker and recording artist who has appeared on TV, radio as well as in the newspaper.

Plus, John has spoken in churches expressing a wonderful intimacy with Jesus.

John has shared Love's heart in other nations and has been asked to speak in several additional countries as well.

He obtained his Juris Doctor from Regent University School of Law.

John is licensed to practice law in Maryland, the District of Columbia as well as in Virginia.

He has a heart of compassion that desires for all people to come into the family of Love and to walk in unity.

Plus, John is an advocate for the poor as well as for animals because Love truly commands us to be compassionate towards all of His glorious creation.

He currently sponsors one child and truly enjoys wonderful communication with this person.

Quite a few years ago, Jesus joyously placed it within John's heart to write to two of the children he was sponsoring at the time explaining the glorious gift of salvation. He was obedient to Love's voice and within a short period of time he received letters back from each child. In both cases, the entire families of the two children received Jesus into their hearts and will be in heaven throughout eternity. In simple acts of obedience, the lives of two families have been changed forever as Jesus knew that they were all open to receive His truth.

In addition, he has been involved in many animal rescues, helping to provide loving homes for several of our Father's wonderful creation.

Plus, he has been involved in prison ministry and has witnessed a mighty move of God within the hearts of men, including people asking Jesus into their hearts.

In addition to being a gifted writer, he is considered to be an anointed speaker, a talented songwriter, guitarist and vocalist.

He is also a photographer of beautiful landscapes.

John truly believes His calling is to voice our Father’s heart with many as he is intuitively aware that Jesus is coming soon.